Postal Supporters Make Nearly 30,000 Calls Demanding Senate Fund Postal Service

On Thursday, July 23, postal supporters, including postal workers, community members, allied organizations, and US Mail Not for Sale campaign supporters, made an incredible 28,156 calls to the senate. Postal supporters across the country came together in the demand that the senate provide at least $25 billion in emergency financial support to the Postal Service, averaging one call every three seconds!

The successful day of action came as the senate continues deliberations over the next COVID-19 stimulus package. While the House of Representatives passed the HEROES Act in May that included postal funding, on July 27 Senate Republicans introduced their own stimulus proposal, the HEALS Act, which contains no postal funding. We must keep the pressure on all of our senators to include an emergency $25 billion appropriation in the final legislation!

As the Senate deliberates over its stimulus legislation, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has begun using the crisis as an excuse to slow service and delay mail. We must make sure the Postal Service receives the funding it needs so it can continue providing reliable, universal service to every person in the country, no matter where they live.

Keep the pressure on! Call 833-924-0085 to connect with your senators and demand their support for at least $25 billion in emergency Postal funding.