Thousands join day of action

On Tuesday August 25, thousands of people took action at hundreds of events across the country to save the Post Office.

From large events in big cities to gatherings outside village post offices, communities across America came out to protest the mail slowdown policies instituted by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and to demand that the U.S. Senate vote for to approve at least $25 billion in COVID-19 related aid for the Post Office.

As well as raising public awareness, the events resulted in hundreds of local news stories and built more pressure on our senators to pass much-needed legislation to save the Postal Service.

Many of the day’s event organizers were undertaking the task for the first time.

“Speakers included a local high school history teacher, a child who stays in touch with her uncle by mail, a woman whose postal worker mailed her masks when forwarding her mail to Florida, a woman whose goddaughter was unable to speak for years due to trauma and formed her relationships with people entirely through letters until she was able to speak,” said the organizer of the High Falls, New York rally.

Meanwhile, Dariece in Vallejo, California turned out despite the heavy smoke of wildfires: “It was an awesome day yesterday! Even though air quality was poor because of smoke from the fires here in California, we were a mighty group of 10! We had two retired postal workers join us from 20 and 30 miles away.”

“People honked, yelled and waved to show their support. Some people didn’t know the post office was in jeopardy and we were able to make them aware of what’s happening and what is at stake. It was a beautiful day of community, symbolic of what the post office has been doing for centuries: bringing people together!”

For many people who hosted a rally, it was their first time undertaking such a task. “I called a contact and asked if they could come out for an hour. Once I had someone with me, I hosted the event. Then people started signing up. It was that simple. I printed up some leaflets and we were ready to go,” reported Ken in Malden, Massachusetts.

These are just some tweets, photos and posts from the events. More photos are coming soon at APWU Flickr.  Also, check this twitter thread for more details of the event.


Memphis, TN postal protest
Memphis, TN
Postal Protest in Baltimore, MD
Baltimore, MD
Dallas, TX
Dallas, TX
A group of people holding signs reading "US Mail Not For Sale"
Cambridge, MA


A rally to Save the Post Office is being held at the Dalton Street facility in Cincinnati.
They’re asking for the Senate to pass a funding bill and to eliminate cuts to the service.@Local12 pic.twitter.com/U0yUJZD6Sg

— Christian Hauser (@ChristianWKRC12) August 25, 2020

We love our Bar Harbor, Maine, postal service! They once delivered an envelope to my in-laws addressed to “the B——s, across the street from the Post Office in Bar Harbor.” #SaveThePostOffice @TheMDIslander @bangordailynews @SenAngusKing @RepGolden @SenatorCollins pic.twitter.com/YpeqTXrvhi

— Indivisible_MDI (@Indivisible_MDI) August 25, 2020

In Lancaster PA

Postal workers & mail carriers are rallying outside the Bishops Corner Post Office this morning to #SaveThePostOffice! @AFLCIO #1u pic.twitter.com/hZJg0UeX0c

— Connecticut AFL-CIO (@ConnAFLCIO) August 25, 2020

Local 1 joined @APWUnational, @StLouisAPWU, Treasurer @Tishaura Jones, #MO01 nominee @CoriBush, @cbtu_stl, @greaterlaborSTL & more this morning to demand elected leaders #SaveThePostOffice with $25 billion in funding & reverse harmful policies that resulted in a mail slowdown! 📬 pic.twitter.com/F0iQbGJL73

— SEIU Local 1 (@SEIULocal1) August 25, 2020

Cathy, India, Daniel, Sheldon, I & others are supporting & helping @APWUnational today in #LaCrosseWI to #SaveThePostOffice with flyers asking the public to call their Members of Congress to #SaveTheUSPS & to #ProtectOurVote.

Many said YES! 🎉 📞@IndivisibleTeam @MoveOn @USPS pic.twitter.com/ltqAqgTIzb

— Janette Dean (@JanetteD) August 25, 2020

Jonathan Smith, Pres of NY Metro Area Postal Union, @APWUnational: The @USPS will not stop being important after Nov 3. #SaveThePostOffice #SaveTheUSPS pic.twitter.com/T4X4fLOevu

— New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO (@CentralLaborNYC) August 25, 2020

Los Angeles out here supporting the USPS #savetheusps #savethepostoffice #DeJoyMustResign pic.twitter.com/HmndzDjV6X

— Craig Cox (@craigcox1) August 25, 2020

🐾 https://t.co/jrh1xO9jqJ#PostalPuppies https://t.co/VWWrEprLmC

— APWU National (@APWUnational) August 25, 2020

2020 adventures in bookselling: local bookstore owner teams up with author to organize a #SaveThePostOffice demonstration.

Thanks, @Sarah_Smarsh! pic.twitter.com/MC6bkJ5XNH

— Danny Caine (@MisterCaine) August 25, 2020

HAPPENING NOW: There’s a huge turnout of people outside of the Henrietta post office for a “Save The Post Office” rally after continuing problems with USPS in recent weeks. ⁦@news10nbcpic.twitter.com/o88tfMw3Bd

— Raven Tiara Brown (@WHEC_RBrown) August 25, 2020