Save the Post Office

Let's all protect our public Postal Service

Join the November 17 Day of Action.

Postal workers have heroically worked through the Coronavirus pandemic, keeping the country connected and providing an economic lifeline to businesses and a means to necessities for many. But the crisis has decimated postal revenue, while costs have increased.

The Postal Service urgently needs a $25 billion appropriation from Congress to get through the crisis intact. The House of Representatives has approved $25 billion in postal funding, but the Senate has not approved the funding.

To make matters worse, President Trump’s handpicked Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy has used his first weeks in office to pursue an ideological cutting agenda that is slowing America’s mail and hurting businesses and families even further.

Make your voice heard

Every one of us has our own unique reason for needing the Postal Service. What’s your reason? Record a video and help spread the word to #SaveThePostOffice