Save the Post Office

Let's all protect our public Postal Service

Postal workers have heroically worked through the Coronavirus pandemic, keeping the country connected and providing an economic lifeline to businesses and a means to necessities for many. But the crisis has decimated postal revenue, while costs have increased.

Over the past 12 months, postal workers have successfully fought for COVID funding for the USPS, have been instrumental in the appointment of new USPS Governors and have put saving the Post Office at the top of the national agenda.

But the fight continues. The USPS needs further investment and Congressional action to remove the onerous financial burdens placed upon the Post Office in the 1996 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act.

Make your voice heard

Every one of us has our own unique reason for needing the Postal Service. What’s your reason? Record a video and help spread the word to #SaveThePostOffice