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Save the Post Office - Call your Senators

Dial (833) 924-0085

Saving Our U.S. Postal Service

Join Sen. Bernie Sanders and the leaders of major Postal Trade Unions for a live town hall, starting at 7 PM ET.

Sen. Bernie Sanders
Pres. Mark Dimondstein, APWU
Pres. Fredric Rolando, NALC
Pres. Paul Hogrogian, NPMHU
Judy Beard, Political Director, APWU


The US Mail Not for Sale is a worker-led campaign that brings together labor unions, elected officials, member organizations of A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service, community supporters and the public to fight plans to sell the public Postal Service to the highest bidder.

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Postal workers are keeping our country moving and US economy working for us during this time of crisis. The USPS is the emergency distribution system when our country is in crisis.

But at this unprecedented time, that work is under threat. The Coronavirus shutdown is plummeting postal revenues while increasing costs. The Postal Service could run out of money this year!

Take Action

Tell President Trump, your Senators and House member to support the public Postal Service, especially now, during this crisis.

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