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Biden inherited a USPS crisis. Here’s how Democrats want to fix it.

Washington Post

The nation’s mail service is slower and more erratic than it’s been in generations, via the confluence of an abrupt reorganization and pandemic-era anomalies that has fueled demands for reform and fundamentally different ideas on how to achieve it.

On one side is Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who, with the backing of the U.S. Postal Service’s governing board, is expected as soon as next week to outline a new vision for the agency, one that includes more service cuts, higher and region-specific pricing, and lower delivery expectations.


USPS Workers Rally For Congressional Aid: ‘We Just Honestly Can’t Afford To Take Anymore’

Here & Now, WBUR

U.S. Postal Service workers are holding a “National Day of Action” on Tuesday in cities throughout the country and calling for more support from Congress.

The service experienced one of its greatest challenges this year: shepherding millions of presidential mail-in ballots while under political, financial and operational challenges amplified by the pandemic. Lori Cash, a sales and distribution clerk at the local post office in Lancaster, New York, says 2020 marks the most hectic year for USPS in her 22 years working there.

Thousands join day of action

Blog Post

On Tuesday August 25, thousands of people took action at hundreds of events across the country to save the Post Office.

REPORT: 20/21 Postal losses could top $17 billion without aid

Blog Post


‘We see it here every day’: How a slowdown in the Postal Service is impacting small businesses

Yahoo! Finance

ScanMyPhotos began in 1990 and quickly developed a close relationship with its local post office in Irvine, Calif.

“They are the reason we have this company,” co-founder Mitch Goldstone said an interview with Yahoo Finance’s. The company, which digitizes physical photos, says it has digitized and sent 600 million pictures back to customers.


Death by a Thousand Cuts for One of America’s Last Great Institutions

The New Republic

Mail carriers tell the story of how the destruction of the U.S. Postal Service would mean the end of a connected country.

Postal Supporters Make Nearly 30,000 Calls Demanding Senate Fund Postal Service

Blog Post


One Billionaire vs. the Mail

The American Prospect

For 50 years, multibillionaire Charles Koch has nudged Washington toward his dream of privatizing the United States Postal Service. A new study from True North Research shows how the coronavirus crisis may present an opportunity for Koch to finish the job that he started in 1970, putting 500,000 jobs at risk and risking the efficacy of the 2020 election.


Is the Postal Service Being Manipulated to Help Trump Get Reëlected?

The New Yorker

By Steve Coll. The American system for organizing elections is a crazy quilt of decentralization. More than eight thousand counties and towns administer voting. There is something admirably earnest and grassroots about the network of town clerks and gray-haired volunteers who fuss over the mechanisms of our democracy. Yet, because the system is embedded in local politics, even in this era of relatively clean local administration (by the standards of American history), it remains susceptible to bribery and scams.


Postal Service memos detail ‘difficult’ changes, including slower mail delivery

Washington Post

Analysts say the memos recast the USPS as a business rather than a government service
The new head of the U.S. Postal Service established major operational changes Monday that could slow down mail delivery, warning employees the agency would not survive unless it made “difficult” changes to cut costs. But critics say such a philosophical sea change would sacrifice operational efficiency and cede its competitive edge to UPS, FedEx and other private-sector rivals.